Could better windows cut your energy bills?

No one wants to spend money heating their home, only to have it escape out of the windows, but that’s exactly what happens if your windows have draughts. We all want to take steps to make energy savings, and with the rising cost of fuel it’s becoming even more important.

One of the simplest ways to reduce your household costs is by ensuring that your windows are draught-free and energy efficient.

Draughts are essentially unwanted gaps that let cold air in, and warm air out. Taking steps to reduce draughts means you’ll use less energy to heat your home, saving you money and making sure your home stays cozy in colder weather.

There are six main reasons for draughty roof windows, these are:

  • Broken, dirty, or rusted hinges
  • Misaligned interlocks
  • Loose locking mechanisms
  • Damaged or broken seals and gaskets
  • Gaps when the window is closed, and;
  • Gaps or cracks around the window frame, or the surrounding plaster.

While there are methods available to DIY draught-proof your home, it’s often worthwhile to get an expert in, as they will know exactly the right materials to use and where to use them, and they will be able to offer professional advice on other ways to reduce your energy bills.

Draught-proofing is a worthwhile investment that can save you around £25 per year, and as you will be wasting less heat, you could turn down your thermostat. A thermostat reduction of just one degree in a typical home could save you around £90 per year.

Draught-proofing isn’t the only way to save money in your home heating costs. We hear about energy efficiency all of the time, but what does that mean for your home, and your windows?

Double Galzing
Double glazed windows have become the industry standard, and for good reason – they let in more daylight than triple or multiple glazed windows, and they are far superior to single glazed windows when it comes to reducing condensation, reducing unwanted noise levels, and improving heat retention in your home.

Roof Windows and VELUX windows
And it’s not just regular windows that allow you to make heat and financial savings – roof windows come in double glazed varieties as well, and are an important factor in ensuring a comfortable, warm, and energy efficient home.

If your windows haven’t been replaced in over 15 years, you might want to consider the cost-savings of a full replacement.

Upgraded roof windows can not only add value to your home, but depending on the style, type, and efficiency rating of your current windows, a replacement can also result in significant savings over the lifetime of the new windows.

There are no specific guidelines on how often your windows need to be replaced – this can depend on the age of your home, the material your windows are manufactured in, and the condition of the units and walls around them.

However, old window installations, even in good condition, are no match for VELUX windows with Thermo Technology. You might want to consider upgrading and replacing your windows to achieve optimum cost savings and energy efficiency in your home.

Contact us today for more information on how you can save money on your household energy bills, or to arrange a free no-obligation quote.

Written By Roof Window Specialists

10 September 2022

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